Level UP Your 1:1 Coaching or Service Based Business with an Ass-Kicking WordPress Website that Actually Converts

Hey babe!

I help women just like you, take their coaching or service-based businesses online and work from anywhere they can get a strong and safe WiFi signal.

Add A Little To Your Inbox

There's nothing like some amazing tips and actionable advice mixed with a lot of real talk and a dash of sarcasm to crush the hell out of a dull inbox.

I see you girl...

You’re a DIY queen, holding down your business and life like a boss. You know that right now is the time to get your business 100% online but all that tech and strategy has got you in a dark room, with crazy eyes, sippin on a bottle of Patrón with a straw.  Who has time to waste at the University of Google when shit’s gotta get done? 

I Got You Mama

Hi! I'm Leslie

I’m just a Brooklyn Girl learning to live her best life in sunny SW Florida

I am a wife, dog mom, CEO, wanderer, and eternal optimist. I love cold champagne, rooftop bars, and jalapeño caramel popcorn.

I’m mostly known for my big smile, sarcastic sense of humor, and ability to drop an f-bomb into all the sentences. I’m also known for my quick thinking, ability to strategize and expertise in starting small businesses.

I help female one to one coaches and service based solopreneurs – who are overwhelmed with all the tech and strategy – take their businesses online, build gorgeous WordPress websites that convert, and work from anywhere they can get a strong (and secure) internet signal.



/ˌsōlōprəˈnər/ noun: 1) a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.  2) a badass boss who wears all the hats.

How we can work together

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Take your coaching or service based biz online and get UNPLUGGED

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Sometimes I teach and sometimes I just want to make you laugh your ass off.

"My experience with Leslie as a business coach has been outstanding, to say the least. I can honestly say I probably would have quit by now if it wasn't for her. She believed in me and encouraged me when I felt too tired to continue on my journey. "


Build a Business and Life You Won't Need a Vacation From

I love working one on one with badass women just like you, who want to move their business forward in a big way by brainstorming and strategizing in short bursts of time.  

So, if you want to break down that crazy idea with someone who has blazed a trail with crazy (and not so crazy) ideas before you, I would love the opportunity to share openly and honestly all the goodness I’ve picked up along my journey.  


Target Market and Ideal Client Bundle

Everyone tells you that you have to know your target audience and ideal client like the back of your hand. I show you step by step how to do it.