If you're anything like me...

You get so mentally blocked that you can physically feel it. It’s a tangable thing that has you second guessing every single thing about your business, your life, and possible even the damn sweater you’re wearing.  Self doubt creeps in and when that shit happens, fear starts to dominate our thoughts.

But mama, it doesn’t have to be that way.  I’m gonna help you take action. I’m gonna help you get clear on the four most important parts of your business and we are gonna kick that doubt and fear right to the curb.

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Group Coaching for Coaches and Service Based Solopreneurs – Investment $422 

Here are the deets…
As a one on one coach or service based solopreneur you are so ready to bring your business 100% online, but you have no freakin’ idea what that even looks like.  You know you need a great website but you just can’t get clear on what your message should be or how you’re going to use that message to atract your ideal client.   Who the hell is your ideal client any damn way?  How are you going to serve her online? WTAF?

That’s where I come in.  We’re gonna work together to get crystal clear on:

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Don’t let that cord hold you back girl!

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"Leslie is a badass MF boss. I've been a face to face business owner my whole career and have thought about being more online, and when COVID hit, I knew something had to change QUICKLY. I'm so grateful for this woman and that she made it so easy for me to get online!"