Crush Your Killer Facebook Content Plan In A Weekend

Yes it's possible ... and I've got just the thing to help!



Do Any Of These Things Sound familiar?

You wear all the hats.  Between seeing clients and running the business, who the hell has time to come up with a content plan. 

You read all the blogs, listen to all the podcast and watch all the Youtube videos.  You are on information overload and you have no idea where to start.  

You know you should be posting engaging content on a regular basis but you have no idea what you are supposed to say.

What if I TOLD YOU...

that with the right plan in place, Facebook marketing can be easy.  Hell, it can even be fun.  Imagine how it would feel to come up with your Facebook content plan in just one weekend.  You could be super clear on who you were attracting, what you were posting, and what type of content you were sharing.  Coming up with content ideas would be a snap.  Think of how much time you would save!

Creating an engaging Facebook Content Plan will make marketing your business online almost effortless.


Crush Your Killer Facebook Content Plan In A Weekend

No more blindly posting funny cat memes to your Facebook Business Page, or spending hours trying to figure out what the heck you are even going to say. 


Glad you asked.  I don’t just tell you want you need to do, I take you step by step through the process that I use with my one on one coaching clients to help then plan their Facebook Content in a weekend.  Plus you will have lifetime access to my private Facebook group where I do live trainings on all things, business as a Solopreneur,  social media and WordPress, at least three times a week. 

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The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (40 Pages):

  • Getting to Know Your Buyer Like the Back of Your Hand (AKA The #1 Thing You Need to Know Before Putting Together a Facebook Content Strategy)

    We’ve all been in that place where you post something spectacular (in our eyes) on Facebook, only to have it ignored. Sure, cute puppy pictures and funny baby videos always get the likes and shares but generally speaking, those won’t help grow your business.  
  • Establishing Your Make-Or-Break Metrics  

    You can follow all the gurus and their advice for best times to post online as well as what kind of content will get engagement, but your business is vastly different from those of the gurus, even those of your peers. And with good reason! You are unique and will attract a unique blend of people in your ideal client pool.
  • The Easiest Way to Create Irresistible (And Engaging) Facebook Content

    Knowing all that data about your ideal client doesn’t fully explain what content they are looking for. How do you make sure your Facebook content is actually engaging? By giving your people content they’re actually craving. Instead of guessing what that may be, try asking them instead.
  • How to (Ethically) Use Your Competitors to Create Killer Content For Your Own Facebook Page

    Another easy (and reliable) way to know what to post about is to check out what others in your niche are already posting about–and seeing great engagement from. It’s time to creep on the competition!
  • The Secrets to Creating Super Hot Content (Again and Again)  – Revealed! Now that you’ve collected a ton of intel about your Ideal Client Avatar and the content they love, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to uniquely and memorably deliver that content. Developing a content creation plan and keeping a content calendar are two easy ways to keep your social media marketing on track without inundating your audience with too many sales pitches or meaningless posts that go ignored. 
  • The “Perfect Time” to Post For Maximum Exposure And Engagement     Social media gurus are plentiful and each one has their own takeaway on the perfect time to post for maximum exposure. While these are terrific starting points, don’t think this is THE definitive time to get engagement from your audience. Every market has its nuances and you’ll likely find some exceptions to the posting rule.
  • Creating the Perfect (And Foolproof) Posting Plan – And Set Yourself Up For Ongoing Facebook Success!    

Hey, I'm Leslie!

I am a wife, dog mom, CEO, wanderer, and eternal optimist. I love cold champagne, roof-top bars, and jalapeño caramel popcorn.

I’m mostly known for my big smile, sarcastic sense of humor, and ability to drop an f-bomb into all the sentences. I’m also known for my quick thinking, ability to strategize and expertise in starting small businesses.

I am the founder of One Woman Show.  I  help other aspiring business women learn the skills and get the support they need to create a business and life they won’t need a vacation from. 

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This exclusive planner is designed specifically to help Solopreneurs like you (a.k.a “non marketers”) kick ass at creating content and an engaged community on Facebook.




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