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I help female one on one coaches and service based solopreneurs cut the cord, take their businesses online, and work from anywhere they can get a strong (and secure) internet signal.

Virtually Unplugged

Make Money Doing What You Love From Anywhere You Want

Investment $1688

Who it’s for:
You’re a one on one coach or have a service based business.  You want to take your offline business online.  You want the freedom to work on you couch in your pjs or overlooking the beach in Maui… maybe in the same week.  

What’s included:
I’ll take you step-by step through the process of taking your offline coaching or service based business online.  We’ll review your ‘why’, business model, and target clients avatar to make sure you are crystal clear on who you serve and how you serve them.    We’ll go through all the tech, pricing, branding and market to make sure you are stand out business. And we’ll set up your professional website that converts so you are ready to launch your new online business.

Strategic Goal Setting Session

If you’re craving a big change in your business and life, it’s time to learn how to set goals like a boss so you can get your dreams out of your head and into your daily life!

Investment $347

Who it’s for:
You want to start setting some solid goals for your online coaching or service based business but you have no idea what tools you should use, what kind of goals to set, how to know if your goals are actually moving you forward or how to stay motivated even when your goals seem light years away.

What’s included:

During your 4 hour one on one Strategic Goal Setting Session we’ll get clear the products and services you want to create and put out into the world.  I’ll teach you how to get your message in front of more perfect-for-you people.  We’ll determine what living “your best life” looks like and how you can get there.  And we’ll talk about how you can use all of that to really make a difference in the world.

Strategic Social Media Session

It’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin by posting on every social media platform and wishing, hoping and praying for your ideal clients to find you.

Investment $347

Who it’s for:
You are trying to build a solid following for your coaching or service based business on multiple social media platforms to no avail.  You are whipping up copious amounts of (really good) content, but still hearing crickets. You are pouring your heart into your content but still cross your fingers every time hit ‘post’ that somebody–anybody!–will respond. 

What’s included:

During your 4 hour Social Media Strategy Session you will learn how to choose the right platform(s) for your business based on your target market.  We’ll focus on what’s working in social media today and how to both reach more of your ‘right people’ and retain a healthy, active community.  I’ll help you create creative and targeted content that’s well-planned and well-received. We’ll dive deep into how to create a genuine, warm and mutually beneficial relationship with your people–the natural way: one conversation, comment and ‘reply-to’ at a time.

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"Leslie is a badass MF boss. I've been a face to face business owner my whole career and have thought about being more online, and when COVID hit, I knew something had to change QUICKLY. I'm so grateful for this woman and that she made it so easy for me to get online!"


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