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Social media can give you a direct (and free) way to connect to your target audience. You can get to know your followers, build brand awareness, and have real-time personal interactions with your tribe. Social Media is a great way to dig in and learn all you can about the tastes, attitudes, and needs of your potential clients.

The Social Media MOOD

Before you even create your first post, you really need to set the mood if you want your audience to know, like, and trust you. Light some candles, play some music, dance it out if you have to, but you will need to be ready to interact with your tribe in a positive way. Show up for your audience by providing value without being spammy or overly promoting your offerings.

Being positive and helpful and you’ll see much better results from your marketing. And for the love of mac and cheese, please show up as your real, unapologetic, and badass self. The world needs your light.

Goals – Know Where You’re Going

Do you know what your goals are for growing your audience on social media? You might want to build a large, engaged community so that you can send them to your blog. Or you might want to build your expertise so you can sell information products. Maybe you just want to increase awareness for your brand. Decide what it is you want to do with your audience and how it will fit into your overall business plan.

Each goal will direct every decision you make, so it’s so important to define that goal clearly. Then, keep it in mind when you get on the platform and let it guide you when creating your post.

Know Your People

You should have a good idea of what type of audience or community you want to grow. Now, start to define your target market in demographics as well as behaviors and attitudes. Understanding what your community needs will allow you to create and share content that will engage them. Getting to know them well will allow you to offer value and help solve their problems.

Take Consistent Action

Let me be real with you. You will not see results right away. Show up every day. Post content, answer comments, reply to messages, read other people’s content. Regular, consistent action is the only thing that will get results.

Be super specific about how much time you’re going to spend on social media each day and what you’re going to do while you are there. Make sure you are available to interact with your audience whenever they comment, ask a question, or send you a message. You do not have to be glued to your computer. Just make sure you have notifications turned on and are available as much as possible.

Engage Your Audience

Engaging your community is key on social media. That’s basically what it’s designed to do. That means sharing content that your audience not only wants to read but also interact with. It should be content that gets them commenting, liking, and sharing. It can be delivered by text, graphics, video, podcast, livestream, or a mix of everything.

There are a few ways you can increase engagement. You can hold Q&A sessions, relevant hashtags, ask questions, and respond to every comment on your page. But most of all talk about topics your audience cares about, not just your brand. And, as people interact with you, this gives other users more chances to see you too.

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