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Knowing your client like the back of your hand is super important when it comes to marketing your business.  The most successful business owners and marketers don’t toss stuff out there and hope they’re getting it right.  And, they don’t market based on intuition or gut feelings about their audience either.  Come on now.  What they do instead is identify their target audience and ideal client in detail BEFORE making any decisions.

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With the Target Marketing and Ideal Client Bundle I’ll teach you how to pinpoint your target market and create an ideal client avatar of exactly who you are creating products for, and where to find them.

Target Marketing
  1. Find Your People Guide ($397 Value)
    • Target Marketing Basics
    • The Essential of Market Research
    • The Top 5 Methods of Market Research
    • Create Your Ideal Avatar
  2. Market Research Ideas Checklist ($157 Value)
  3. Ideal Client Avatar Worksheet ($257 Value)

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